All You Wanted To Know About Hydraulic Liftgate Services

The transportation industry relies heavily on liftgate services. What is a liftgate? In simple words, a liftgate is a type of hydraulic equipment, which is installed on the rear end of the truck, for the purpose of lifting freight and goods from the ground, to the tailgate of the good’s truck. The same equipment can be used to keep the freight back on the ground. There are various companies that offer liftgate services in Dallas and adjoining areas, such as Texas Hydraulic. These companies specialize in sales, as well as, servicing, installation and repairs of liftgates.

The basics

In the business of goods delivery, distance moving and transportation industry, the use of liftgates is pretty extensive. For the uninitiated, there are different kinds of liftgates, the most common being the hydraulic ones that rely on hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the gate. There is a switchbox, which is super easy to use. If you own a transport or allied company anywhere in Dallas or Fort Worth and need to invest in liftgates, make sure that you work with an installation service that’s worth your time. Sometimes, shipments may mention that a liftgate is required at delivery. Liftgates are particularly important when a facility or transport businesses doesn’t have the necessary arrangement to move freight from ground to tailgate, or vice versa.

Which industries need liftgates?

Well, besides transportation and freight companies, construction businesses also need liftgates for handling materials. At construction sites, liftgates are used for unloading materials from containers and trucks. For home delivery services and residential sectors too, these services are important, and the shipping industry too uses liftgates for handling large shipments. For home delivery of furniture, building materials in residential areas, liftgates are extremely useful and important.

Things to know

Before considering liftgates, it is more than important to take the dimensions of your vehicle into account. For instance, there is considerable different between straight trucks and flatbed trucks. In other words, the width and bed height of the vehicle should determine the dimensions of the liftgate. As we mentioned earlier, there are companies that can help you install and repair liftgates in Dallas and nearby areas in no time. Just make sure that the company is known, reliable, and they also deal in maintenance and sales, so that you can rely on them for various truck requirements.

If required, do ask for references, and always get an estimate for the service in advance.

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