Ask these questions before hiring a small business attorney 

Starting your business can be an exciting adventure. Since considerable investments are at stake, you need a team that get your small business going. Besides accounting, HR, management and operations, you need an expert for all things legal. A skilled attorney is your best bet for avoiding unwanted legal issues. Every business has to face litigation or take legal action at some point, and you need advice on handling various regulatory, statutory, and tax requirements. For your help, we are sharing the questions you must ask when you hire a small business attorney Las Vegas

  • How long have you been working as a business attorney? How often do you work with startups and small businesses?

Experience should be the first thing you discuss with a business attorney. If you are visiting a law firm, you can ask about the collaborative experience of all their lawyers. The idea is to review if a business attorney can align their expertise with the needs of your business. Also, some attorneys and law firms work with large corporate firms and conglomerates only. 

  • Have you worked in our industry? 

Business attorneys often have to deal with things like service contracts and intellectual property, which can be niche-specific. If a lawyer has worked for some of your competitors or with businesses within the industry, it is always an advantage. 

  • Will you work for our small business personally?

If you visit a law firm in Las Vegas, do keep in mind that they may have multiple litigation and business attorneys working for them. This is a big add-on, because no matter the legal trouble at hand, you know that appropriate legal help will be accessible. However, for your regular needs, and for discussing concerns of your small business, you need a dedicated attorney. Ask the lawyer if you can have direct access to them. 

  • Can you talk more on billing?

Small business attorneys often work on an hourly rate. When you need help, you can expect the lawyer to give an overview of their work and fees. Keep in mind that all business attorneys want to retain clients, and therefore, they wouldn’t want to fool the client. Yes, costing is important, but this shouldn’t be your immediate concern. 

Finally, do check if a business attorney has good reviews. You don’t want to compromise on legal advice you get, and a lawyer, who claims to be in business for years, will have positive testimonials and reviews.  

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