Choosing The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment – A Guide

The most important decision you’ll ever make as a laundromat owner is the various types of commercial laundry equipment you’ll need for your store. When it comes time to selecting the best coin-operated washers and dryers for your laundromat business, the array of options from suppliers like Continental Girbau can be confusing. With the large capacity to small top-loaders, high-spin equipment models, and everything in between available, you might have a hard time choosing the right mix of machines for your laundromat business. Below is a list of things you should consider when buying commercial laundry equipment.


Every business has a set budget for its operations. Thus, one of the factors that you should consider when purchasing a coin laundry machine is the price. Knowing how much the laundry equipment costs beforehand is advantageous to your business as it lets you figure out ways to come up with the required capital.

Size of Laundry Machines

Commercial laundry equipment is typically bulky therefore, they’ll take up a large space in your laundry store. For this reason, the size of your commercial laundry machine matters since they need enough room to operate well. Most customers will visit your laundromat to take advantage of the high capacity of your washers. So, you’ll need to carefully plan your operations workflow. You should also consider the functions and size of your preferred commercial laundry machines. Determine the right dimensions of the laundry machines, and even consider choosing equipment that comes with sensor-assist features. With a sensor assist, you can measure the laundry load plus the machine can choose the right water and energy consumption, and the amount of detergent required.


When buying laundry equipment for your business, you’ll expect that they’ll last longer. It’s not a good thing to start shopping for a replacement after you’ve just bought your machine. You can avoid experiencing such situations by first checking the durability and quality of your chosen laundry machines. Also, shop for laundry equipment from trusted brands to ensure you get durable appliances. Be sure to check the brand online reviews to ensure you’re choosing suitable equipment for your business.

User-Friendly Laundry Equipment

Choose commercial laundry machines that customers and staff can easily operate. Also, opt for laundry equipment that several people can use at once. As such user-friendly laundry machines are effective and efficient. Some equipment includes touch screens and icons that easily guide your staff and even customers for a self-operated laundry store. Thanks to technology, some can send texts when an issue arises mid-cycle.

Check the Warranty

When buying laundry equipment, always ensure that the equipment comes with a warranty. Purchasing equipment with a warranty is helpful to all parties involved. Equipment warranty gives your clients a guarantee of the machines’ quality. So, if you notice a manufacturer defect after you’ve purchased your equipment, you can ask for a replacement or repair from the company.

These considerations help you find the best commercial laundry machines so you can provide better laundry services to your customers. Remember, to only choose appliances that are within your budget and are efficient for increased efficiency.

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