Common Personal Injuries in Orange County

Orange County, CA, is a beautiful place to live. Beautiful scenery, good people, and overall great quality of life. However, for all of its greatness, there are unfortunate accidents that happen every day. Anyone that resides in Orange County knows that there is always the chance of an accident occurring. These accidents can either be minor and not result in any injuries, or they can be major and cause lifelong disabilities. 

The number of personal injury claims in Orange County has increased by 24% within the past five years. This could be due to an increase in population, but there are also possible more accidents occurring. People often suffer injuries from motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, dog bites, or even medical malpractice claims. Whatever the situation or accident be, Orange County personal injury lawyers will help you get sufficient compensation and insurance claim on the onset of an injury.

Let us now see the most common injuries which people in Orange County encounter.

  • Neck injuries

Injuries to the neck can result from a number of different accidents. Causes for neck injuries in Orange County are often related to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bicycle crashes. Other causes may include construction site accidents, abuse, or job-related incidents. Injuries to the neck can be very serious and require immediate medical attention.

  • Back injuries

The back is susceptible to injury because it supports our weight, and your posture can affect how vulnerable you are to getting a back injury. A faulty bodily alignment increases the strain on the spine and hips, which triggers pain and stiffness. The most common causes for back injuries in Orange County include improper lifting, faulty alignment, sports injuries, use of heavy equipment, construction site accidents, and repetitive motions.

  • Head injuries

The number of visits to the emergency room for head injuries in Orange County has risen dramatically. According to a recent CNN report, Orange County hospitals are seeing an average of 100 people each day with head injuries. One contributing factor to this rise is the increase in distracted driving. With so many drivers on the road, motorists have become less attentive. There are additional factors that can cause these types of accidents, including vehicle crashes and falls.

  • Spine injuries

Excessive movement of the spine, such as a hit-and-run accident or a slip-and-fall, can result in injury or chronic pain. The most common cause of spinal injuries is a motor vehicle crash. Other causes include a fall from a ladder or other elevated surface, a ski injury, and even a medical procedure that affects the spine. Injuries occur when the force to the spine exceeds its limit of stress tolerance.

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