Comparing Dog Boarding Businesses In Space Coast: Quick Facts!

You have to step out of town, and there’s no friend or neighbor who can take care of your dog. The next obvious solution is to look for dog boarding businesses around you. Thankfully, there are some really popular names in Space Coast, and before you choose one, here are some facts worth knowing.

Many facilities offer more than just dog boarding

Yes, you read that right. While boarding primarily refers to overnight stay for at least one to two nights, many businesses also have doggy daycare and grooming services. For a pet owner, these services can be really useful, especially because they don’t have to go around looking for different businesses. Besides offering dog boarding Space Coast, many businesses also have pet taxi services, so they can pick up and drop off your pooch.

Not all businesses are same

This is true for almost every industry. Just because a local dog boarding business is promoted extensively, it doesn’t mean they are the best in business. Expertise and experience count for handling dogs, and you need a facility that has a strong team of staff members, groomers, dog handlers and walkers, who can offer comprehensive care. A good way of reviewing dog boarding facilities is by asking for references. You can also look on Google for independent reviews. All dog boarding services must have a vet available on call.

A personal visit is a must

A place where you dog would be staying for a few days must be clean, hygienic and well-maintained. Every dog boarding company may claim all of that, but you can only verify in person. Pay a personal visit and tour around the facility. Check if they have different rooms for large and small dogs, if the rooms are big enough, and whether they have dedicated play areas. The last thing you would want is your dog to be holed up in a cage or kennel for days.

Book a grooming session

Playtime with other dogs and stay at the dog boarding may be fun, but your dog will definitely need a cleanup before coming home. Check if the facility can arrange for a grooming/spa session and you can discuss other pampering services, as you feel necessary for the pet.

Final word

Do not compromise dog boarding businesses because of price. You want a safe place for your dog, but more importantly, you would want dedicated care and people who can understand the needs of a pet.

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