Everything About Plant Nursery

A nursery is a room where new saplings, plants are raised, propagated, and nurtured. To set up a nursery is a long-term process. In a nursery, plants are kept in optimum growing conditions for the germination of new seeds. Plants are nourished until they are ready for sale. From nurseries, plants are supplied to gardens, parks, forestry agriculture. Sometimes plants are grafted.

What is a plant nursery?

Nursery is mainly located in a pollution-free environment. The nursery kicks away the smoke and the dust from the environment nearby. The soil of the nursery must be loamy or sand loam with a huge amount of organic matters.  The fluency of water in a nursery is highly required. There is no use of saline and polluted water. The nursery must have an adequate facility of a drain. The water needs to be passed out because plants will die in stagnant water.

A large number of plants grow and maintain in a nursery. More expensive seeds of plants are raised more effectively for better care. Seeds of off-season plants grow here because of the optimum conditions.

Types of the plant nursery

The plant nursery grows seeds and plants in open containers, tunnels, or greenhouses. Nurseries grow decorative plants in open fields, small trees on container fields, shrubs in garden centers. Different types of the nursery-

  • Temporary Nursery

It is small in size and used for a very short period. Intensive manuring is not required here. The cost of transportation is low.

  • Permanent Nursery

Here plants are nourished for a longer period. Full structure is required here, like electricity, irrigation, and many more.

  • Ornamental Nursery

This nursery is for ornamental plants. Cutting of different plants and placed here.

  • Fruit-plant Nursery

Grafting, layering cutting of fruit trees like mango, bael, ber is done here.

  • Forest Nursery

Different plants, climbers, trees are planted in the forest, which is also called social forestry.

  • Open field Nursery

Opened in open areas temporarily.

  • Hi-tech nursery.

Here the plants are kept under protected circumstances. The plant nursey is off thatched roof and shade net.

Nursery beds are generally used for germinating seeds that are sown. People must care for the soil, and soil must be free from various pests. Soil Solarisation must be used to control soil-borne pathogens. The favorable time for the soil solarisation is in the summertime that is May- June.

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