Few Things to Consider Before Choosing a Construction Company for your ADU

At some point in time, you indeed would have had issues with a person you contracted for a job, perhaps in the delivery or quality of services not matching your expectations. However, this is a consequence of not doing the proper rumination you need to do, putting all of your options on the table, and considering a couple of factors. The case of selecting a builder for your ADU is not an exemption.

The company you hire to construct an accessory dwelling unit needs to not only be able to understand how it is built but also know the rules and regulations associated with building a miniature house in your backyard. It is essential to ask ADU builders the right questions to avoid surprises.

All construction companies might be familiar with design specifications. However, this is not always true. Even smaller buildings are more challenging to design. Instead, builders will stick to the instructions and not question the specifications. When it comes to building an ADU in San Jose, there’s very little room for error. It is crucial to have a team capable of handling the design and working with builders to bring them to life. You can partner with two companies, but this can be more expensive.

Look into the Promptness of your Contractor

Large cities are home to many people who complain about the slow response of builders. This is something that you need to be aware of immediately. This is a red alert if you haven’t heard back from your builder in a week. Receptiveness is an essential feature of their service. Check to see if they respond promptly to emails. Is their landline available? Does their landline number exist? Is it possible to get a response from them?


You may not be aware that there are several types of wood available for your ADU. The family was eco-friendly and used FSC-certified wood products to build the envelope and most of the unit. This created a space with maximum sustainability. You can even add steel framing to give your ADU some stability.

Finishes are also a consideration. What kind of kitchen counters and cabinets do you want? Do you prefer tile? What do you think about flooring? Talk to your general contractor about these options.

Find out Which ADU Type is Best for You.

It is crucial to consider which type of ADU construction you would like carefully. Prefabricated ADUs and stick-built ADUs will be your best options. You need to distinguish between the different types and ensure that you hire a builder who can build it. Many ADU contractors will only specialize in one class. Pre-fabricated ADUs may be an option for those with a limited budget who don’t want to customize much. This will make the entire process of building them a lot easier.

ADUs that are stick-built can be more expensive. To complete the project correctly, you’ll need an architect or general contractor. There will be many customization options for stick-built ADUs so that the project can be done to your specifications.

Consider the ADU type before you hire an ADU contractor. Look at all customization and design options when building a backyard mother-in-law suite.

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