How to Choose the Best Office Space

Choosing the best office space for your company and its employees can be a difficult undertaking. After your home, office spaces are where you spend most of your time. As a result, deciding on the right location and type of office space for your company can be difficult. The budget and needs of your business will play a crucial role in deciding the best office space. Below are the most common office space types to understand and evaluate your office space options.

Traditional Office Space

Traditional office space consists of private office spaces and cubicles for the employees. These key features are coupled with common areas and the conventional setup of conference halls in the building. Traditional office space settings include:

  • Reception
  • Cubicles and private office space
  • Open workstation area
  • Conference hall
  • Common break room
  • Utility and mailroom

Traditional leased Austin office space works best for big organizations and businesses such as law firms, financial companies, etc. Such law or accounting firms require a specially designed workplace with enough space for confidential meetings with the clients.

Creative Office Space

Creative office space is one of the most trending workplace settings for which new-age businesses are opting. Open floorplans and accessible office space help the companies maintain coordination and collaboration between employees. Creative offices or open workspaces can suit every type of business irrespective of size and demographics. Companies opt for older offices to remove all walls and cubicles to remodel them into open creative spaces. Creative office space includes:

  • Open floor layout
  • Carpet floors or wooden floors
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Group workspace area
  • Leisure activity area
  • Fitness center
  • Café and restaurants

Co-Working Office Space

Co-working office space could be an optimal solution for many businesses. A shared workspace allows small firms and startups to enjoy flexible office spaces. Startups, small companies, individual freelancers, groups, etc., can work together in co-working office space. Co-working office space offers enhanced communication and collaboration advantages to the employees. Such office spaces are getting popular among businesses because of the added benefit of flexibility. Co-working office space features:

  • Best amenities and services
  • Relaxed shared work environments
  • Affordable rentals and leasing options
  • Open office spaces
  • Common areas
  • Flexible leases

Executive Suite Office Space

Office suites are trending among businesses looking for well-equipped open office spaces with flexible leasing. These office suites have changed the working model for remote teams and freelancers worldwide. Previously, professionals would work at a café or from home, but now small teams have more productive office space options. An executive suite generally has conference rooms, printers, a private office, and a reception area.

  • Reception
  • Conference hall
  • Wi-Fi and printers
  • Mailing address
  • Private office rooms or cubicles

Warehouse Office Space

Warehouse office space has many open spaces with reception or a small front office area. This setting works best for a different type of business as they can mold the office layout as per their needs. An adaptable warehouse space suits research, manufacturing, shipping, handling, and administration operations.

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