How To Identify The Services You Need From Irrigation Companies in Houston

Irrigation companies are those companies that specialize in the supply of water to landscape plants, crops, and lawns, to facilitate their growth. They are companies that help you handle the watering of your lawn and plants by walking you through the best irrigation options.

There are lots of irrigation companies in Houston for you to choose from. Interestingly, each of them seems to offer quality service at a reasonable price. However, we know better – not all are particularly good for you.

To know which irrigation company is best, you must clearly understand the key factors determining your desired irrigation service. This will help you align your search with your custom needs.

●     Type of soil

You’ve probably learned in your elementary science class that different soil types have varying water retention qualities. For instance, silty clay soil stores more water than fine sandy or coarse sandy soil.

The type of soil where your landscape is planted is a significant determinant of the irrigation service you’ll need.

●     Rainfall pattern

The rainfall pattern in your local area will also determine the irrigation services you need. Since irrigation is about making water available, it is advisable to consider the rainfall pattern to ascertain your water needs.

It would be best if you didn’t have so many sprinklers turning on often during the rainy season. The effect will be a flooded lawn and damaged (if not dead) plants. Similarly, you must install sprinklers all over your lawn and ensure they are turned on often during the dry season. If not, your plants will die due to unfavorable weather conditions.

●     Size of your lawn

In simple terms, the smaller the lawn, the smaller the irrigation requirements and equipment. This implies that the size of your lawn is directly related to your irrigation needs.

If you have a very small lawn, you may not be so mindful of the irrigation company to choose. However, the case is different when you have a very large lawn – you should opt for the best Houston irrigation companies.

●     Available water options

Different irrigation companies offer different irrigation options, and the type of water you use for your lawn will also determine the service you need.

If you’re using water that needs to be pumped, like from a nearby pond or well, your irrigation needs will differ from that of someone using reclaimed water that doesn’t need to be pumped.

Best Irrigation Companies – How To Find Them

Having decided on your unique irrigation needs, you’ll have to select an irrigation company.

Aside from online reviews, you should listen to the reviews of people around you. Also, it is always better to opt for a company that has experience with Houston’s irrigation issues.


Generally, you have to know your water options, soil type, lawn size, and rainfall pattern to know your irrigation needs. We at Raindrop are experts at meeting any irrigation needs. Contact us today to experience the best irrigation service in Houston.

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