Important steps to take when you are searching for a job


Although we search for adhoc jobs in Singapore every day, many of us do it the wrong way. Many people are used to the standard process of searching for a suitable job online, updating your cover letter and resume and they are done. Before you even get started with searching for a suitable job, there are things that you should be doing. Here are some of them

Reflect on your current work

Reflecting on your current work and job should be the first important thing to do. By doing so, you will be thinking of things that you would want to change and things that you wish remained the same. If you are currently working, you should also be thinking if you want a job in a different company.

Use your social media well

Employers always check our social media profiles. They also google about us. Therefore, it is very important to try and spruce your social media. Always make sure that everything is appropriate. You can do this by auditing your social media accounts. Your social media account may determine if a company will want to hire you or not.

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