Moving or Refurbishing Your Office? 

Do you have to re-organise your office due to the requirements and problems created by Covid? Or are you planning to move into a new building and want some ideas on how best to create a fantastic workspace where your staff can flourish. If so, please read on while I use this short article to enlighten you on an office partitioning system increasing in popularity in the business community.

A Clear Winner

The medium I am talking about is Glass partitioning, which is easily and quickly installed using a simple aluminium framed system in which the glass sits. Available in various guises, it can spread natural light throughout the office environment energising all and creating a happier and more productive workforce. You can design your glass partitioning system to suit both your budget and how you want the office to look; the options are –

  • Single Glazed Partition – a low-cost choice, the 10mm glass can separate different areas in the same room still has good acoustic properties.
  • Double Glazed Partition – Double the glass, double the protection; you could also have blinds or screens installed between the two layers.
  • Acoustic Glass – Specially treated glass which appears the same but has increased acoustic performance, could be used for meeting rooms where privacy is required.
  • Banded glass – Instead of one floor to ceiling frame, it uses a more complex, flexibly designed aluminium frame to create a modern look, a popular solution.
  • Curved Glass – A superior option used to create circular stylish meeting areas, and it is a premium product with all the properties of flat glass.
  • Fire Rated Partitions – Again, this specially treated glass can be used to protect certain office areas, such as fire evacuation routes.

Options Are Endless

All the above kinds of glass partitions are used to create any space or office, from a single or double glass wall to a fully stand-alone workspace with all four walls being glass. It is also possible to decorate the glass with vinyl stickers from any number of designs; most companies use their brand logo or company as a template for this medium. As I have previously mentioned, installing various blinds or shades between the glass layers is also possible. There is also the option of smart glass, which uses a chemical in the gap to change the glasses appearance. It can go from clear to frosted or opaque at the touch of a button on a remote. There is not much to constrain your design process; most good installers of glass partitions will assist in this and use computer graphics to enable your vision to become a reality.

The Benefits Are Enormous

If you are indeed thinking of a refurb or are moving into a new office, take time to investigate this great product, it can bring the well-documented benefits of natural light into your workspace, making your staff happier and more productive. You can also use it to create a modern, professional-looking workspace that can impress visiting and potential new clients, which can only add to your success!

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