Multi-Use Systems for Dust Control – Why You Need Them

Multi-use dust control systems are used to control dust and neutralize the odor in the air. The retrofittable system has a control effect on dust particles and helps reduce large particles contained in the air. The system suppresses dust particles using a dispersing system that uses water as its vehicle. BossTek has created a multi-use system designed to meet its customers’ dust and odor control needs. These systems enhance safety while increasing efficiency at your worksite. Here are some reasons why you need multi-use dust control systems at your worksite:

Helps keep your worker safe

Dust poses a health risk to your workers. Your workers can breathe up to 5,000 liters of air in their 8-hour work shifts. Therefore, if the dust they breathe while at work contain dust particles, they expose themselves to respiratory tract infections and overwhelm the body’s immune mechanisms. To keep your worksite safe for an extended period means you’ll need to implement effective dust control measures. This ensures employees’ health is safeguarded thus reducing health conditions and increasing productivity.

Improved employee productivity

Once your employees are comfortable in their hazard-free work environment, they are likely to be more productive. A hazardous work environment can easily reduce your employee’s efficiency and productivity due to the increased number of sick days. Most of the health issues brought about by overexposure to accumulated dust often negatively impact your employee’s stamina, making them take longer on tasks that would have otherwise taken a shorter time.

Reduce the risk of fire

Other than posing an immediate risk to your worker’s health, accumulated dust at your worksite can easily make your worksite flammable. Construction dust is very fine and dry hence posing a huge fire risk. However, when you install a multi-use odor and dust control unit, you can at the same time eliminate foul odors and dust particles and prevent accidental fires on the worksite.

It’s economical

Employing the proper dust control measures is also economically advantageous. In an industrial setting, a layer of loose materials reduces traction and drivability, increasing fuel consumption and reducing driving speeds, which translates to a higher cost of production and low productivity. Luckily, a multi-use system can help you address this by stopping dust and at the same time neutralizing foul-smelling odors. Also, the multi-purpose unit provides the needed dust control while keeping your worksite clean and safe. Eliminating dust particles ensures equipment wear and tear is reduced. This helps lower production costs because you’ll avoid regular repair and maintenance of your equipment.

Creates a positive public image

If you do not control dust from your worksite, you potentially affect the plants and the overall environment around your facility. This often creates a bad public image for your organization and can easily lead to public protests, which might slow down your construction work in the long run. Luckily with a great dust control system helps you comply the regulation of your state, and keep employees safe. Additionally, a dust-free and clean worksite creates a positive impression for your employees and even customers. In turn, this promotes a sense of safety among employees and customers as well.

Multi-use dust control systems will help you keep low dust levels at your work site while eliminating the odor. These systems will help you keep your workers safe while ensuring that productivity at your work site is at its optimum.

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