Outdoor Signs – Why a Business Can’t Do Without Them!

Any brick and mortar business needs to have a sign outside their building. If they don’t, nobody will know what is inside. We put a lot of effort into finding the right location for our business – close to the road, good transportation, heavy footfall etc. – but sometimes we don’t get the right type of sign to promote the company. Signage is a simple way to make your store a recognisable landmark.

Showing Your Location

This is the main reason why you erect a sign outside your business. What is the point in having a company and nobody knows the exact location because you haven’t bothered to properly sign post it? Have you ever arrived at your destination and thought, where is the company? I don’t see any signs. The right signs mounted outside your business let people know where you are, this helps when your warehouse or store is in a tricky location.

Reflection of Your Brand

Any professional company who has a vinyl sign shop (called ร้านทำป้ายไวนิล in Thai) will tell you that having signage outdoors isn’t just about telling customers where you are, it is an extension of your brand. It is an essential component of your brand.

For bricks and mortar businesses, a sign is the first thing a customer sees before they interact with a representative of your company. An attractive sign that catches your attention makes an excellent first impression. Most people judge the company’s products and services on their first impression – most of the time, that’s the sign.


There are many ways to market your brand, most people rely on digital avenues. But old school techniques like stickers and outdoor signs still play an important role. They help to attract customers both new and old. Lots of customers enter a store simply because they have seen an attractive sign outside the building and decided to have a look. If that sign weren’t there, they would never have bothered to enter the premises.

Good quality outdoor signs give your brand legitimacy. If you don’t have an outdoor sign, some people may be suspicious of your company.

Since different signs target different clients, it is important to work with an experienced sign maker who can custom a product to suit your needs. They can help you find the right colour, logo, font, and style to attract customers and promote your brand. A professional will determine the right product for your business.

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