Recycling Programs For Retired Devices: A Guide For Businesses

Businesses often need to deploy hundreds of gadgets and devices at the same time, to enhance employee engagement and productivity. If the whole process of procuring, unpacking and setting up devices had to be done in-house, it would be complete chaos. Most companies choose to outsource their requirements to professional device deployment services, which handle everything on behalf of the client, including repairs. There is also one more aspect that needs attention – recycling of devices at the end of life cycle. When it comes to phone, tablet, or laptop recycling, everything has to be done as per standard requirements, and compliance norms, if any.

A device deployment company can help with that, as well. Here’s an overview of the work that such a service can do for your business.

Why device recycling matters for your business?

The typical device lifecycle, especially for phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops, is anywhere between four to five year. Every device, no matter how good, becomes obsolete or stops working at some point, and replacement becomes necessary. If you had deployed thousands of same devices at the same time, these devices would become unusable after four years, which means that your company will have to dispose these devices within a limited period. Recycling programs comes in handy in ensuring that retired devices are recycled effectively and your company makes some cash out of it. Companies that focus on eco-friendly means to get rid of old technology and devices often get brownie points from customers and the entire industry.

Outsourcing your needs

Companies that deal with device deployment can handle your device recycling needs, as well. In some cases, they may offer cash for devices that are still usable or can be refurbished and sold again in the market to needy users, while sometimes, the product must be discarded, but in an efficient manner. Work with a device deployment and recycling company has the experience and expertise of handling large corporate needs, and ask for references, to know more about their work profile. You may also want to know more on how they handle recycling, or the steps taken by them, so that you are assured that your device discarding steps are not adding too much waste to the landfills or causing damage to the environment.

Just like device deployment is critical for productivity, ensuring that retired devices are effectively recycled is as important. Check online for services that can help.

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