Spend Your Weekend At Leather Workshop Singapore

After a long week of work and study, you usually want to sleep all day during the weekends or do something fun. You are so busy that even on the one-off day you consider doing something new and exciting or just rest. Nowadays, there are so many options you can try out with your friends. Anyway, meeting at the cafe for a short meet up is boring. Instead, you can take your friends for a leather workshop Singapore.

Is leather workshop difficult, to participate?

Not at all, you have to find a leather workshop event nearest to you and register. It will probably take 75 SGD per person, which is quite a steal. You can book yourself or your friends.

What to expect from such workshops?

If you participate, you will be provided with a short introduction regarding leather. It will include information about its quality, maintenance, and types as well as the crafting techniques and tools required. You will be taught how to make basic leather products like a small wallet or passport sleeve.

Leather workshops are a good event. It helps you to socialise, and also you get to do something productive. You can make something for yourself or your loved ones.

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