Team-Building Activities to Boost Sales Performance

If you manage a sales team, performance will always be on your mind and there are team-building activities that can boost performance, which we outline in this article. Feeling like you are an important member of a team is very important in sales and with that in mind, here are some great activities to promote team spirit.

  • Blind retriever – Divide the players into two teams and each has one person blindfolded, while other team members give verbal instructions to help the ‘blind’ player reach the finish line. Search online for a working resort in Pattaya (known as รีสอร์ท พัทยา ทำงาน in Thai) and they can help you set up some great team-building games. You can make this game easier or more difficult by changing the course.
  • Circle of appreciation – This is a great game to make your team players feel more appreciated; everyone stands in a circle and each person says something positive about the person standing next to them. There are variations to make things more interesting.
  • Urban treasure hunt – The more time you spend planning this one, the better the hunt will be. Only you know how your team thinks, so come up with really cryptic clues and great hiding places. The winning team gets to choose the restaurant and the losers foot the bill! Of course, you could do a countryside version, depending on your location and the skillsets of the players.
  • Escape rooms – The ultimate brain teaser, you can put together a room full of subtle clues to test the creativity and problem-solving skills, and as far as team-building goes, a deep relationship develops and this is reflected in sales figures. There are free resources for escape room concepts online, or you could approach a local company for a professional setting.
  • Paintballing – Wow your team with a kill zone game; Google can find a venue with the perfect backdrop and this real-life combat brings out the best in everyone and strong, lasting bonds are forged. Two teams, red and blue and the goal is to reach the opponent’s flag, or you could set an ambush scene; there always has to be an objective with paintballing and wearing protective gear is a must! Those paintballs hurt!

With the right activities, your sales team can develop to its fullest potential and this will spawn a buddy support network, ensuring that team goals are paramount. Spending time together is important and when problems arise, the team begins to take shape and leadership emerges naturally.

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