The Pros Of Portable Bed Bug Heaters

For your portable bed bug heater to work efficiently, it is important to have air movers, accessories, and cords included in your package. For every bed bug heater and package required, there is a specified square footage recommendation, that depends on the space for treatment and temperature. The amount of power needed varies according to weather conditions, the material of the building, among other factors. What are the advantages of using the portable bed bug heaters?

  • Kills all insect invaders

The portable bed bugs heaters not only kill the bed bugs but also other households common pests like fleas, termites, and cockroaches. For a bug-free home, you don’t have to rely on toxic chemicals. Problem-causing allergens and bacteria can also be effectively dealt with using a portable heater. Hurry up and purchase a portable heater for an all-round effect.

  • Dry out the structure after hurricane or floods

A structure’s beams can be destroyed by house floods causing destructive wood rot and dangerous mold. An overflowing river, toilet, or storm surge can be controlled by heat. The heat treatment after a flood can kill microbes and dry the structure. It is advised to have a professional check out the damage caused but a portable heater can make the area conducive and bearable in the meantime.

  • Protects against diseases and keeps home allergy free

Rodents can easily sneak into a home and pest control companies can trap, seal, and kill them but they don’t eliminate the dangerous diseases they leave behind.  The portable heaters come in handy to eradicate the hantavirus and any other health hazards.

The dust mite is the common indoor allergens, that feed off household moisture and dust. These dust mites can cause allergic diseases like asthma, eczema, and rhinitis. A portable heater can curb these dust mites as they die 60 minutes after the heater is switched on.

  • Eliminate indoor odors

The offensive odor that comes from decaying materials can be so overwhelming. Portable heaters can freshen the air in your structure. The heaters destroy the chemical basis of many odors and denature the allergens making the area conducive. The existing bacteria are also killed in the process as the temperature used is above 120. The portable heaters prevent any future odors from forming as they penetrate all furnishings and surfaces at the scene denaturing the odor molecules.

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