Transforming Supply Chain Visibility into Container Management

From pandemic issues to geopolitical unrest, the global supply chain has seen significant disruptions that have impacted manufacturers and businesses of all sizes and industries. Another factor that has exacerbated this problem is consumer expectations.

Consumers demand fast and transparent delivery of their products. Recent research shows that around 93% of consumers want on-demand shipping information, and 47% of people say they wouldn’t buy from a brand that doesn’t offer this type of delivery visibility.

With ocean transportation accounting for 90% of global trade and container shipping schedules falling to 40% due to reliability, companies, manufacturers, and shippers need to make updates to their supply chains to improve delivery times and shipment visibility. By understanding some of these challenges that cause delays and limit supply chain visibility your business can improve container management strategies.

Infographic provided by AV Logistics, reduce your container demurrage

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