Utilizing and Repurposing Educational Content for SaaS Content Marketing

SaaS companies are typically very reluctant to invest in content. After all, as the logic goes, many SaaS businesses are looking for users who are actively primed to take advantage of their software, and they don’t need to be educated around the reasons as to why they might need the software. The truth is, while you can’t always directly ascribe an ROI to SaaS content marketing, is in an extremely necessary part of getting the word out there about your SaaS business. Not only can its educational context help with content distribution, but the information in the content can also be used for multiple purposes and in multiple different ways.

With that in mind, here is how you can use your SaaS content to focus on customer education all while repurposing it for multiple marketing channels.

Educate your users

When you are creating content, the important thing to keep in mind is that all content is inherently informational. When potential users are seeking out a solution to their problems, or even just a direct software or SaaS solution, they are typically looking for content that can empathize with their pain points and offer quantifiable solutions to those pain points. As such, you need to set educational goals with your content, and use content distribution that jives with that educational component. This is why SEO is often a great content distribution for educational content, especially in the SaaS space.

Repurposing content

SaaS companies are often using their software to solve a specific problem. As such, the content that they create is usually highly targeted toward their niche. Because of this, it is important for SaaS companies to find ways to utilize their educational content on multiple marketing channels and repurpose it. For example, a long-form blog post or guide can easily be turned into a series of explainer videos, which can be broken out into different chapters on YouTube. This can be helpful to capture a similar audience but one that is more interested in video content than blog content. However, it can contain much of the same information with adjustments made for the format but not for the substance of the content.

It helps a lot here if you have original research or insight into the discussions surrounding your SaaS niche. This research can then be repurposed for multiple marketing channels, and can even be used to see which stage of the customer journey is more appealing to its potential user base. This can be helpful to also find out if users are looking for a specific use case for your SaaS solution or even if they are looking for a very niche problem to solve. In that way, you can always use content marketing as a focus test to see what type of educational content your audience responds best to.

In summary

A good SaaS content marketing strategy should be both educational in nature and also multichannel. This can help a SaaS company to figure out where their target buyer persona is spending time online, and can even give them ideas for new features or a new focus that can later be repurposed into new content areas to attract more targeted users.

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