What Are The Principles Of Prioritizing Infrastructure Funding?

Policymakers are struggling with the decisions on how they can allocate the funds for infrastructure. Here, we have made a list of some major principles that can truly benefit infrastructure funding. These are widely applicable in different stages of the economic cycle. So, are you curious to check these out?

Principles of prioritizing infrastructure funding

  • All the requirements should be met: well, how do you go about with this? Mainly, it would be best if you determined the current and future needs. Please focus on the needs for the future since it is important and also hard to estimate.
  • The larger economy should benefit: you need to look into the major impacts of an infrastructure project. Make sure the assessment has both direct and indirect impacts as well as long-term effects.
  • There should be consistency with other objectives: remember that the government and infrastructure projects’ broader policy agenda should go hand in hand. This should also include the economic, social, and environmental goals.

Apart from all these things, it would be best if you ignored the infrastructure projects’ financial viability. You need to take into consideration the funds and how they can be allocated for a particular project.

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