What can a scissor lift be used for? 

Choosing the right type of mechanical lift for your specific needs will depend on several things. You will have to take into consideration the site you are working on, the types, weight and quantities of items that need to be lifted and moved using those mechanical lifts and the budgets that you have in mind for any given project. Working with a plant hire company that you trust will go some way to helping you choose the right scissor lift for your needs, increasing productivity and safety standards in the process. Planning is an important part of any busy site, and ensuring you have the right machinery and equipment goes a long way to ensuring a fully functioning, and safe, site location.

In many cases, a scissor lift or boom lift, is the best and most effective way for items to be moved to an elevated area on site. As sites can vary so much and with different quantities and types of materials used at any given time, hiring lifts and other machinery is often a much better way to go than purchasing scissor lifts. That way, you are always ahead of the game, with the latest technology and models in use. All in all, plant hire helps you to improve site safety and standards of productivity at the same time.

There are quite a few jobs that require the use of scissor lifts. Once you understand the specific tasks that are required on site, it can help you to formulate an accurate plan of action where the right type of lift is hired and put into use.

Construction A scissor lift is a versatile, mobile way to ensure that materials and equipment are in the right place at the right time. Within general construction sites or renovation sites there is often a changing terrain and environment to deal with and scissor lifts offer a safe way to process certain tasks.

Building maintenance There are many aspects of looking after a building where you are required to reach areas of height. This could be to change light fittings in areas with high ceilings, to lay bricks, to hang banners, or for general cleaning and maintenance of walls and windows.

Signmaking When making signs and attaching/installing them on buildings, you are often working at height with multiple tasks required at any given time. Although ladders can be safely used in some cases, scissor lifts provide that extra level of stability.

Manufacturing Where there are production processes in play, an aerial platform can be used to improve levels of efficiencies across the board, allowing for the safe lifting of heavy objects.

Warehouses In storage warehouses for myriad industries, scissor lifts are used to lift and retrieve items to and from height in a safe and expedient fashion.

If you have a clear idea of what you require scissor lifts for, the next step is to ensure that you can find the right type and quantity for your site needs and budget. Scissor lift safety should also be at the top of your list of priorities and that is why it is vital that you choose to partner with a specialist plant hire service that understands your needs implicitly and that can show you the support you need to choose the right plant hire at the right time. Many projects and on-going processes where scissor lifts are required, will be working on tight budgets and schedules, with safety as paramount. Your choice of plant hire company could determine how successful you are at meeting those requirements.

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