What does commercial printing entail


If you think for a second that the digitalization of things has entirely sent the printing press packing, you might want to have a rethink there.

Though it’s evident for all to see that, with the advent of digital media, many folks jumped on the bandwagon and love to do their things on the cloud. This is only true to a certain degree. Because some people still love the feel of paper in their hands, they still love the smell of the woodsy pulp and would always go for paperback over reading on devices.

Take, for example, the daily newspapers. Yes, we can argue that the number of readers has drastically reduced, but newspapers are printed every other day and sold to people out there. Still, the paper lives!

Commercial printing

Further stressing the point that was built above, even most digital media companies put out brochures, leaflets, and other printed materials. This brings us to the focus point of this discourse: commercial printing.

Commercial printing is generally machines used to print business materials such as leaflets, flyers, brochures, etc. There are several types of commercial printing with their unique specialization. A couple of these will be reviewed in subsequent sections.

Types of Commercial printing

Seeing as there’s not just one type of print in demand, it would make sense that commercial printing companies use various kinds of printing techniques, some of which are reviewed below.

Offset Lithography: this type of commercial printing method is commonly utilized by businesses that need to print a massive range of products such as posters, books, stationery, and even newspapers.

This commercial printing method is interesting because insofar as the surface is flat, you can print on anything you want, e.g., plastics, paper, and or even cardboard!

Digital Commercial Printing: this is best suited for creative companies, as they mostly make personalized content. Because of its creativity-inclined nature, the possibilities with this type of printing method are endless.

This type of commercial printing is utilized for newsletters, menus, and labels, among many other products that can be customized.

Large Format Commercial Printing: this type of commercial printing is majorly used to capture attention. As the title implies, it is used to print very large materials that cannot be printed with any other type of printing press.

This type of printing is used by organizations that want to leave a lasting impression on onlookers or prospective clients.

Large-format printing is used to make billboards, floor graphics, pop-up displays, signage, and exhibition graphics.

LED UV Commercial Printing: if you’re looking to blow your client’s mind, this type of commercial printing is your go-to, as it has the best kind of quality conceivable. LED printing has become the first choice for leaving first impressions that last the longest! This type of commercial printing is very versatile because it can be printed on any material. This is because it dries with light rather than heat. They are used to publish very standard magazines, brochures, lookbooks, handbooks, leaflets, catalogs, and many more.

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