What To Do With The Cables & Wires When Refurbishing Your Office

In the average office, many electrical items require plugging in, meaning cables and wires can be everywhere. These can make for a Healthy & Safety problem, and unless these cables and wires are kept out of the way, they can cause someone to have an accident. You can consider various solutions when refurbishing your office, and you will need to consider this early in the planning stage before you start work. You can find some solutions that might be feasible for your office layout and design below that you can consider implementing and making your workplace safe for everyone.


A standard option for many offices when tidying the cables and wires up in an office is using cable trunking. It is a convenient solution when you are not doing any structural work to your office, but you have loads of power leads, cables, and wires that are a hazard and unsightly. You can lay the trunking around the office where the floor and walls meet, hide all the cables, and keep them out of sight. You can still gain access to them if required, but the trunking does have limited space and is not a suitable option for larger office spaces. It is quick and straightforward to install and an affordable option, with various trunking sizes available.

A Raised Floor

You can also consider installing raised access flooring to your office space, allowing you to run cables and wiring underneath the floor surface and have plenty of space available. It is a costlier solution to the problem, but it also gives you easy access to the cabling in your office should you need to change things later. You can create islands with desks having multiple employees working in teams and have the power supplies and cables come out of the floor at points you dictate, helping keep them out of the way. Depending on the size of the cavity underneath your floor, you may also run ducting, which can help you control the temperature of your office effectively.

A Suspended Ceiling

Another option you can consider for hiding cabling and working in your office space is by having a suspended ceiling and hiding them in there. You can often have more space in a suspended ceiling, so there is more room for ducting and cabling, and it can help make your office a neat and presentable environment that boosts productivity. As with the raised floor, at points in the office where you need computers and workstations, you can run trunking from the ceiling and keep the power lines and cables neat and out of sight. Choosing a quality suspended ceiling with high-quality ceiling tiles can also help control noise levels in a busy office when selecting ones with acoustic insulation properties.

The only other option you can consider is hiding the cables in the walls and plastering over them again, which can be costly, especially if you move offices and have to revert it to how you got it. Look at the options above and select the one that suits you best, and you can make an ideal space for your workers and help boost their productivity.

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