What To Look For When Buying Dust Control Equipment For Your Construction Company

Dust, if not controlled can be hazardous. In some instances, it can lead to fires. Construction companies are advised to acquire the right equipment for dust control to avoid such accidents from occurring. Dust control is also essential in meeting the health and safety needs of any construction site. Failure to meet these standards can lead to heavy fines and you may even be forced to close the site. Fortunately, you can avoid this by purchasing quality dust control equipment from manufacturer websites like Bosstek.com. However, buying this equipment can be challenging. To help you decide on the best, we have highlighted things you need to look out for. To start with;

Consider your dust control requirements

Before choosing your preferred equipment, you should start by considering your requirements. Different construction sites will have different requirements. Some sites may only generate minimal dust from one point while others may have multiple points of emission. For minimal dust emission probably from a dump station, you could get point-of-use dust control equipment that will be installed at the dump location. In the case of multiple dust generation points, more centralized equipment will do. This can be installed outside the construction site.


Remember to look at the different features offered on different equipment. Go for dust control systems that can be used in any season considering the dust properties during these seasons may differ. When you understand the technological features, you’ll be able to choose the right equipment in terms of size. For indoor dust control equipment, a smaller size may be the best option to avoid taking up a lot of space. If you need outdoor equipment for large volumes of dust suppression, large-sized equipment may be what you need.  However, the size should not be of major concern as most equipment comes in smaller designs that only take up a small space.

Operational requirements

Different equipment requires different skills to operate. Look for dust control systems that are easy to operate and don’t have complicated functionality. This way, you or your employees can easily run the equipment with little or no further training. Also, check the availability of the spare parts for your equipment to ensure that in case of repairs the machine can be fixed right away. Also, ensure they are readily available technicians to carry out the repairs.


Next, it’s time to consider the dust suppression system cost. Analyze how much you’ll spend to meet each requirement. Based on this, come up with the total cost and remember to include costs such as energy and downtime. Also, go for equipment that fits your budget. If your operations run 24/7, then a long-serving filter is what you need. Although this filter may be costly, it will ensure you don’t have dust issues on site.

To achieve a dust-free construction site, it’s important that you get the right dust control equipment. Consider your dust control needs and analyze the different technologies available before making a purchase. Above all ensure you can meet the operational requirements for your preferred equipment.

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