Why Slip Sheet Material Is Essential

Different industries are considering the use of slip sheets for handling products and transportation besides the use of traditional pallets. The sheets are very thin and are made from paper, plastic or corrugated material coming from different sizes and shapes that can fit a range of requirements.  You will need to place them underneath your load and use them to pull or push your loan off and on the platens.

The attachment of the sheet

There are two types of attachment that are used to handle the sheets. The first one pulls or pushes attachments that will clamp to the sheet and pull the product load and sheet on the platens. The gripper jaw at the faceplate will close automatically at the end of every stroke and then opens at the beginning. This will only need one hydraulic function to release and grab the load using the sheet.

Roller forks

This is another type of attachment that has various sets of rollers that is spanning across them. This will assist you in rolling the loading up to the forks. This kind of attachment is useful without slip sheets that depend on the load type. After considering the use of sheet materials, you will acquire more benefits.

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